Mission Accomplished! 200,000 lbs of supplies sent.

Welcome to Palm Beach County Cares


Where people come together to help the people of Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands recover.

We are Palm Beach County Cares

We Believe Our Neighbors Need Our Help

Disaster struck the islands of Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) with hurricane Maria. We believe our neighbors need our help. A group of us from across Palm Beach County decided to do something together to help. We are Palm Beach County Cares. 

We Stand Together

Many people in Puerto Rico & USVI lost everything. Many desperately need supplies, food, and more. And the Puerto Rican and USVI families coming to Palm Beach County will need help here too. We are a growing group of  citizens, Democrats and Republicans, business owners, and concerned citizens of Palm Beach County, all coming together to help Puerto Rico through the rescue, restocking, and recovery. With a groundswell of support, Palm Beach County Cares has taken a strong stand for  USVI and Puerto Rico. 

Guide to Assistance for Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Evacuees  

Guía de ayuda para los evacuados de Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes 

All for One. We Need Your Help

No person is an island. We believe we must help each other cope when disaster strikes. We are a unifying force for good. Puerto  Rican & USVI people needed a disaster recovery plan. Thank you for joining hands with us to do just that. Every gift counts. Every item makes a difference to those who have lost or left behind everything. Please do what you can and DONATE today.

Thank you Palm Beach County! 

Proof Postitive of Lives Changed

Watch this video, a beautiful tribute to Palm Beach County Cares from the University of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican people.  Thank you one and all donors, volunteers, leaders & Founders Robin Bernstein and Katherine Waldron. 

About Us

Supplies & Donations Collected

The supplies being requested have been carefully vetted by relief organizations who have boots on the ground. 



See Who's Involved

Palm Beach County Cares is Co-founded by Port Commissioner Katherine Waldron, and Robin Bernstein. Mayor Maria Marino of Palm Beach Gardens Co-Chair, Chris McDermott, Co-Chair Fundraising  along with dozens of  us! 



Read All About It!

"It has really been an incredible effort. In less than two weeks, we have been able to create a coordinated effort to give our county residents and businesses a way to show they care..." 



The Collection

Para los Evacuados de U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico, Bienvenido

The First Rescue Mission is A Huge Success

Hope is Real.

Sat 10/14 @ 9:30 AM  Katherine Waldron has set up a rescue mission flight to Puerto Rico on Rich Lucibella’s twin engine, 11 seat turboprop plane. One Generator in with 700 lbs of food and life-saving supplies packed the plane, filling every seat. Chris McDermott & Brian Edwards were at the send off. 

Dozens of Lives on the Line

PBC Cares delivered 700 lbs of food and supplies to rescue  Vista Serena Nursing Home with dozens of stranded elderly residents who were quickly running out of food.  "You are angels" - gratitude filled thanks returned to PBC Cares from the head nurse!

More Saved Lives & Families Reunited

6 Evacuees rescued filled every available seat! Jessy, Norma, Jose, Marissa, Alexandra (22 yrs old medical student) and Gloria (80 year old Alzheimers sufferer). All Supported each other through the flight from TJIG- Domenici Airport in San Juan until joyfully reunited with family members in Ft. Lauderdale. .   

SEE THE WHOLE STORY  HERE https://www.facebook.com/PalmBeachCountyCares/

More supplies, more water purifiers, more lives are in need of rescue. Be the hero in this story. See your direct impact!  Make a real difference today. 

Thank you!



You are the Hope. 

We Love Our Volunteers! 

Watch our volunteers from Lang Management tell us why they volunteer with PBC Cares at the Port of Palm Beach Warehouse.

Thank you To All who Volunteered! 

Watch Our Public Service Announcement

Thank you! Your support enabled us to help thousands in Puerto Rico. See the Video Tribute & Smile.

Collection Locations

• Puerto Rico West Palm Beach Warehouse / Boxes

Drop Off Boxes By Appointment

2635 Old Okeechobee Road 

West Palm Beach, 33409

Contact: Maria Torres 407-489-7807

Map to Puerto Rico Donations Center 

• Puerto Rico Miami Warehouse / Trucks

Drop Off Pallets or Truckloads

By Appointment Only 

Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus

2173 NW 99th Avenue

Miami, FL 33172-2209

Contact: Luis Barreto, Director Finance 305-593-1223 ext 3111

5089 Northlake Blvd.

Map to Miami Warehouse

US Virgin Islands West Palm Beach Warehouse / Boxes & Trucks

Drop off Boxes or Pallets by Appointment 

Will ship to United Way of USVI, forwarding to St. Croix, St. John's, St. Thomas

Contact: Aquanette 561-707-7210

Map to Port of Palm Beach

Or Click here to buy items on the UW USVI Amazon Wish  List shipping direct to the United Way in the islands

PBC Cares in the Press

How To Reach Us

Large Donations Trucks or Vans

Start your own collection or donate bulk items from the needed supplies list.  We welcome all, thank you. Please email us to schedule and arrange a pick-up or delivery 

for Puerto Rico with Luis Barreto at 


for USVI with Aquanette Tyson Thomas at atthomas@unitedwayusvi.org

Sponsors Welcome

Here's something exciting your business can do to support people in dire need, invite your employees to help, and show the world and your customers you care. Corporate gifts and financial donations  accepted.


Big Impact Donors

Be a Life Saver. Extend your hand to stop the agony of people struck by disaster of  Maria suffering without life's basic needs. 


List of Needs>> CLICK HERE